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Frequently Asked Questions


Why join the Ringwood Ambulance Corps?

RAC members have the distinct privilege to give back to their community in a regular, meaningful way. Additionally, the time spent with RAC provides the members with experiences that they most likely would not encounter in any other setting. Our members hone and refine their leadership skills and develop the ability to think on their feet in stressful situations; they discover interests in healthcare and medicine; they build friendships with other members of the community whom they may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, and they learn skills as Emergency Medical Technicians that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Is Ringwood Ambulance Corps accepting new members?

RAC accepts new members throughout the year. Just fill out our Membership Application or you can always email or contact us at (973) 907-2635 to speak with the Membership Committee Chairperson regarding membership.

What are the requirements to become a member?

We welcome any applicant 18 years of age or older as long as the individual is physically able to perform the duties of an EMT. All prospective probationary members must complete a healthcare-certified CPR course and a Basic First Aid course. Certification as an EMT is hopefully completed within 12 months of membership. In addition, medical clearance and background checks are required for all new members. 


What time commitment does RAC require of its members?

A combination of weekday, weeknight, and/or weekend duty shifts are available. Volunteer hours range from 30–60 hours per month. Monthly business and training meetings are also required. 

How do I become an EMT?

EMT certification courses are administered in many locations throughout New Jersey. The closest facilities to Ringwood are the Passaic County Community College Public Safety Academy in Wayne, NJ, the Bergen County EMS Training Center in Paramus, the Bergen County Police, Fire and EMS Academies in Mahwah, NJ, Less Tress Instructional Services in Wayne, NJ, and Atlantic Training Center in Wanaque, NJ. The state of New Jersey requires all EMT candidates to be 16 years of age by the first day of their certification course.

Can I be a driver without being an EMT?

Yes. To be eligible to drive our ambulances you must have a clean and valid driver's license and at least five years of driving experience. A probationary driver must then complete a training and evaluation process to be cleared for active driving duty.

Can I join RAC if I do not live in Ringwood?

Yes. Any resident of Ringwood or a Ringwood adjoining municipality may join. However, if you do not live in a location where you would have a reasonable response time, you would need to stay at or within close proximity to our building for your shifts.

I don't want to be an EMT or driver, how else can I volunteer for RAC?

The Ringwood Ambulance Corps Auxiliary raises funds for RAC. They sponsor fundraisers throughout the year to help financially support RAC and are always looking for volunteers.


What are the requirements to join the Cadet Program?

You must be age 14–17 years old and able to attend a monthly meeting. Just fill out our Cadet Application or you can always email or contact us at (973) 907-2635 to speak with the Membership Committee Chairperson regarding membership.


If RAC never charges their patients, how does it function financially? 

RAC is not a municipal agency but is rather a private, non-profit corporation. Although Ringwood Borough provides for a portion of our operating expenses, we primarily rely on donations from the community and our RAC Auxillary which hosts fundraisers throughout the year.


What is the money raised for RAC used for?

All of the money raised for RAC directly supports the day-to-day operations of the corps. Although our members are volunteers, RAC does have expenses such as medical supplies, office supplies, insurance, training costs, vehicle maintenance, vehicle replacement and other expenses necessary for RAC to provide emergency medical services for free to our community.

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